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How Are Wholesale LED Strip Lights Made?-Dowell

28 11 月, 2022

Wholesale LED Strip Lights are rapidly becoming a popular choice for commercial, residential and industrial space lighting. This is because they are very efficient, easy to install, and require little maintenance. You can customize all the shapes and sizes of LED strips, so you can use them to illuminate almost any space.-Dowell

Wholesale LED Strip Lights

 What is an Wholesale LED Strip Lights with a light?

The Wholesale LED Strip Lights is a flexible circuit board equipped with a range of SMD (surface-mounted) LED (light-emitting diodes) and resistance. LED with lights are also known as with lights or with lights. They can use both analog and digital led, and can emit white light as well as any other color of light.

Wholesale LED Strip Lights are 80% more efficient than ordinary light bulbs. They release very little heat and dissipate easily, and they are free of mercury. They may seem small in themselves, but together they can emit a lot of light, suitable for illuminating any space.

Wholesale LED Strip Lights with type lamp features

Here are a range of features that make LED light strips ideal for lighting homes, offices, vehicles, etc:

 Wholesale LED Strip Lights manufacturing process

As Wholesale LED Strip Lightss became more popular, making their process more streamlined. The LED bars are basically printed circuit boards (PCBs), which are welded together to get the correct length. PCBs use a process called a surface mounting technology (SMT) assembly process to mount the led and other components to a circuit board.

Using the PCBA process, we can customize your led at the PCB level to meet your specific lighting needs. We also do a quality control test at the end of each step to ensure that our products meet the standard. Here see how the process works:

 Step 1: LED reel production

The first step in making the LED strip is to place the LED on the reel. Place all the components including the led and resistors on the reel to ensure that they are effectively pasted on the board later in the process.

At Elstar, we used a complex device to anchor the LED wafer to a reel. We arrange these wafers in the correct order, ready to paste in the next process. The wafers are secured with wire bonds. We used industrial gold with a purity of 99.9999% to ensure the lifetime of the connection.

The spectrophotometer automatically ranks the led by current, voltage, and color. This helps it connect Wholesale LED Strip Lights with the same specification on a reel. Once the LED reels or strips were ready, we sealed them in vacuum bags to protect them from dust and moisture.

 Quality test:

After making the scrolls, we bake and dehumidify them and put them in a vacuum bag. We also do light-color matching to maintain light consistency. Each reel also needs to be manually microscopto ensure proper placement of the wafer.

 Step 2: weld, paste and print

The next step in LED manufacturing is to get the PCB ready to paste the LED assembly. This is done by a process called welding paste stretch stretch.

A der der is a gray substance containing a small metal ball called tin. The balls are made mainly of steel, with silver and copper. This paste is applied to the location of the component to be installed on the PCB.

Source: Space shuttle

This was previously done by hand, but due to technological advances, this step is now handled by specialized machines. Welder paste must be applied to the exact mounting position and the correct amount of the assembly.

A mechanical fixation was used to secure the PCB and template. Also, the applicator places a precise amount of solder at each expected position on the PCB. The machine then spreads the solder paste evenly to the PCB. When the formwork is removed, a uniform layer of solder.

 Step 3: Assembly placement

After using the welding paste, the SMT machine places the parts in the desired position on the PCB. The led on the reel is placed on the PCB using a robotic device, such as the select n placement robot, placing each component exactly where it belongs.

This procedure was previously done manually, but this led to quality control problems. Since then, the SMT machine has been equipped with specialized equipment responsible for properly placing the parts.

We use high-tech Japanese SMT machines that help us maintain our high standards and quality.

 Step 4: Reflow-flow welding

Now that solders and components are on PCB you need to make sure they stay there. This is done by passing the PCB through a process called reflow welding.

The PCB board is placed on the conveyor belt together with the pasted components. This conveyor belt takes the conveyor board to a reflow oven. This oven is similar to a commercial pizza oven. It consists of a series of heaters that gradually heat the PCB until its temperature reaches 250 degrees Celsius (480 degrees F).

Source: Space shuttle

At this temperature, the solder in the weld paste melts. Once they melt, the conveyor passes the PCB further through the oven, where a series of coolers lowers the temperature. A gradual decrease in the temperature causes the solder to solidify again. This establishes a permanent binding between the LED component and the PCB.

 Quality test:

After the reflux process, it was time to test our Wholesale LED Strip Lights. We tested each bar to ensure the led bar brightness, color and other specifications fit the design.

 Step 4: Welding

The LED light served from reflux as a 50 cm strip. It is then welded together by connecting one band to the other. The strips are now connected together by advanced machines such as mechanical welding arms to any length you want, so the cost of the welding robot is also necessary for reliable LED manufacturers to ensure the quality of the strips.

 Quality test:

After welding the LED strips together, we did another series of tests to ensure that the strips worked in the promised manner. Lighting tests confirm that these strips do not have any loose circuits. Other optical and electrical tests are also performed to ensure that the LED strips meet all of our standards and all of your requirements.

 Step 5: Aging and waterproof treatment

The welded LED band checks its performance through a process called aging. The LED bars are opened directly for 12 hours to see if they work seamlessly. This test can help us check the quality of the LED bars and exclude any problems.

Source: Space shuttle

The LED light strip will also pass through a waterproof process to increase its life. This process requires covering the LED strips with silicone, plastic, or both. You can use the machine to do it or choose to cover it manually.

At Elstar, we used both the machine and manually checked to ensure that the LED strips were evenly coated. The led strip for Elstar 5730,3528,3014 is waterproof, and it allows you to decorate your home without any concern.

quality test:

Each LED lamp strip is surface-inspected to ensure its quality and performance.

 Step 6: Paste and package the adhesive tape

Once the LED strips had passed all the quality checks, we pasted the 3M tape onto their back. This makes it easy for customers to install LED light strips wherever they want. We use premium 3M tape that can easily adhere to all surfaces.

The final step is to pack the LED light strips and ship them out to you.

 Quality test:

Our final quality test was a spot check of the LED bars prepared for packaging. This helps us to maintain a high standard of quality.

 Factors affecting the quality of the Wholesale LED Strip Lights

Quality of the LED lamp bars. The problem is that you can’t really judge the quality until you really start using it. That is why buying LED lights from a trusted LED strip manufacturer is important.

Some factors affecting the quality of the LED lamp strips are listed below:

 Quality of the copper wire in the PCB for Wholesale LED Strip Lights

Copper wire are used on PCB plates to ensure there is seamless current to all installed components. The quality of the copper wire used affects the performance of the LED bands.

If the copper wire is too thin, the current will not pass through it and your LED bar may not work or suffer a voltage drop. Low quality copper also blocks current flow, affecting the way your LED bar works.

 Quality of the phosphor powder in the LED

Fluoresor was used for led to increase fluorescence of light. It is essential for the production of bright and pollution-free pure white light. A poor quality phosphor can make your LED lights look darker. It can also lead to a less pure color.

Notably, the phosphor powder does degrade over time and goes into use. But the high quality phosphor keeps its structure longer, making your LED strip glow for years.

 Component placement of Wholesale LED Strip Lights

The LED component placed on the PCB must be placed in the correct position. If not, the LED band does not work at all. So it is also important to choose the right equipment, such as selecting and placing robots.

Another error is to combine a led of different sizes on a bar. This reduces the efficiency of the band and accelerates the phosphor degradation. Different LED are often combined to make the LED bars look brighter at a lower cost. But these LED bars won’t last long and end up cost you more.

 Component quality of Wholesale LED Strip Lights

Component quality is a very important factor in making or breaking your LED light strip. The LED bars with high quality LED, resistance, and pcb stand out. Not only do they perform better, but they also last longer.

Poor quality led has color consistency problems and makes death faster. The fault resistance and PCBs affect the current and may cause the LED strip to heat up.


High quality Wholesale LED Strip Lights can be a one-time solution for your lighting needs. It is always a good idea to investigate before making a purchase decision. If you would like to know more about our LED strip and LED strip light outlines or have any other questions, please feel free to comment. Our goal is to provide high-quality LED lighting solutions that will last you for many years!



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