Wholesale Solar Garden Light From China Supplier

Battery Type
Working Time
Wholesale Solar Garden Light
1*1.2V AA Ni-MH 200mAh rechargeable battery



This wholesale solar garden light of ours has a solar panel, which can be automatically charged during the day, and automatically turn on at night. Of course, the lighting part can also be freely shaped. We can customize your packaging or your brand. If If you have any other needs, please feel free to contact us


Wholesale Solar Garden Light Supplier From China

Solar panel: The sun powered charger of the wholesale solar garden light firecracker has been improved to an area of 2X2 inches, which makes the charging proficiency of the sun powered firecracker light higher. Charge for 4-6 hours during the day and labor for 8-12 hours around evening time.

Two Lighting Modes: The sun based garden lights has two lighting modes (1 is generally on, 2 is blazing). Simply turn the change to on mode, and the light will naturally turn on at night.

IP65 Waterproof: The sun based wholesale solar garden light firecracker has a waterproof covering on the wire association and the sun powered charger, so the sun oriented firecracker light won’t be impacted by terrible climate.

Do-It-Yourself Design: The sun based wholesale solar garden light firecracker has 105 splendid Driven and 35 redesign adaptable copper wires which you can Do-It-Yourself your number one shapes like blossoms, trees, firecrackers, hearts, circles, wheels, and so on.
Muiti-scene Decoration : The firecracker light is the best embellishing lights for garden, terrace, walkway, blossom beds, walls. It’s likewise a one of a kind stylistic layout for Christmas, Halloween, Expresses gratitude toward Giving Day, Party.

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