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2022 Essential Guide to Purchase Wholesale Solar Garden Lights

8 8 月, 2022

How to Buy Wholesale Solar Garden Lights-Dowell

In recent years, the Wholesale Solar Garden Lights seem to be a special fire protection option. Have you seen the cover of architecture or family magazines? The beautiful houses look strong and majestic against the background. The prospect is full of perfect wholesale Solar Garden lights.

Night shooting is always the best, soft light covers everything, and wholesale Solar Garden lights flicker around. In order to get the same feeling in your own home, nothing can match the solar garden lamp. The soft glow, energy saving, and no fear of damage to plants and structures.

The solar energy industry continues to grow and is expected to reach the US $422 billion by 2022. Solar energy provides excellent energy exchange (and continuous improvement) for price. It also created a worry-free landscape wholesale solar garden lamp.

Read on to learn what these solar garden wholesale lights offer and how to choose the best solution for your home and garden needs.

Solar garden lamp function

In essence, outdoor solar lamps have several core components and various forms of expression.

How do wholesale Solar Garden lights work? The solar lamp shall have:

Photovoltaic cell

Battery (normal)

Light projector (led most commonly used)

Installation (how to fix the device in place)

You may know that the typical name of a photovoltaic cell is “solar panel”, but it has more meanings. The solar panel combines the concentrating mechanism of photovoltaic with the protective screen. It also includes circuitry for converting thermal energy into electrical energy.


The battery stores this energy for use when the Wholesale Solar Garden Lights is activated. Most Wholesale Solar Garden Lights use automatic on / off activated according to external lighting conditions. This allows the lamp to turn on when needed and off when not needed.


Generally, the battery can be used for 4-6 hours at full strength and for 6-10 hours at low strength. For optimal performance, the solar collector requires 8 hours of peak sunlight to fully charge the battery. The battery also works best when regularly discharged and charged.


In order to maximize the use of solar cells, Wholesale Solar Garden Lightsneed to have no shadows and can obtain direct light. Therefore, lights near the ground may encounter shadows from trees, houses and even garden leaves. Routing a solar cell at a higher location to a cell at a lower location can distribute power while still minimizing wiring.


Projectors usually use one or more LEDs, although solar sodium lamps or halogen bulbs can sometimes be found. LEDs provide an excellent light power ratio and can also be easily configured in various colors.


In terms of color, although LEDs can have a variety of colors, which can create amazing lighting effects for signs or computer equipment, it is easier to use bright white LEDs and filters to make colors for outdoor light. This provides a combination of color lighting and lamps that also have a pleasant appearance in the sun.


Another reason why bulbs use the same white color is related to temperature. Different LED colors require different power and generate different heat. Keeping all bulbs the same also ensures the direct life of a unit.


Finally, the installation of the device works. For the use of gardens, people usually rely on wooden piles, which can be inserted into the ground in any way. For a more durable finish, remove the stake and attach the device to the rod.


For walls or fences, the back of some lamps is flat, which means that they should be fixed on a more transparent surface with brackets or slots. Other lamps are connected by hooks or similar anchoring devices and by ropes placed above the area.


For some Wholesale Solar Garden Lights, you can choose to connect directly to a larger area. For others, you will need the help of a skilled installer or elctricitsn. Most solar garden lights can be installed by yourself.

Wholesale Solar Garden Lights options

Now that you have understood the working principle of the solar lamp, you can choose the options. As mentioned above, in addition to the differences in the bulb and the mounting method, there is also the intensity (expressed in lumens) and the life of the light.


Brighter Wholesale Solar Garden Lights require more power. Many wholesale solar garden lamps have high and low settings to measure power usage. Unfortunately, the high and low settings must be changed manually.


With the increasing demand for smart lights, it is inevitable to choose a setting that lights up for several hours and then darkens to a lower setting. At present, the best way to illuminate the garden road to improve visibility can be attributed to the use of various lights.


Colors and patterns allow interesting lighting. You can read more about the various decorative solar lighting options.


For the brightest sun path Wholesale Solar Garden Lights, consider the power in directional spotlight style units. These devices direct light through conical lamps to provide specific light. A single bulb unit near the ground projects light directly into the path and cascades less light to other places.


For a more decorative feeling, please choose a string lamp and imitation lamp post. These bright outdoor Wholesale Solar Garden Lights rise from some vegetation, so they charge better.


The Wholesale Solar Garden Lights produced by these units are obviously more diffuse. This provides a pleasant “glow” rather than direct illumination. The garden path is lined with delicate plants, and the overhead diffuse lighting avoids the risk of burning. While still providing sufficient assistance for walking or working.


Bright LEDs adjacent to leafy plants cause bleaching and curling. In some cases, you need to make a decision between maximum visibility and practicality. However, since there are various lamps on the market, this is not a big problem.


For the garden area with serious shadows, the string Wholesale Solar Garden Lights is a good choice. String lamps use solar collectors at fixed points to avoid shade from trees or large overhangs. The string lamp also provides an excellent way to connect the roof solar cell array to the garden.


After reading so much, if you are interested in buying some wholesale solar garden lamps, I guarantee that Doyle will be a good choice. As an old lamp manufacturer with a history of more than 20 years, Doyle can meet any wholesale demand for solar garden lamps.

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