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Importing Wholesale Solar Lights from China: Duties, Regulations, and More

27 7 月, 2022

Importing Wholesale Solar Lights  Guide-Dowell

When importing Wholesale Solar Lights from China, you need to pay different import taxes and abide by more regulations than importing non Wholesale Solar Lights. Learn more about how to make LED import successful.



Purchase Wholesale Solar Lights in China

One reason is that many importers will pay attention to China’s Wholesale Solar Lights market when they need to purchase products

So far, China is the largest LED lamp exporter of the United States, accounting for more than 50% of the total led imports of the United States in 2021. The second is Mexico, accounting for less than 19%.

Looking for suppliers

As the largest Wholesale Solar Lights manufacturer in the world, it makes sense to turn to China when purchasing LEDs.

Having said that, with so many importers turning to Chinese manufacturers, you will certainly find that the quality of some suppliers’ products is not very good. It is important that you do your research and find a high-quality LED manufacturer to meet your needs.


First, you must determine the type of LED lights to import. The three main types of LED lights are:

  • dip LED
  • chip on board (COB) led
  • Solar panel


The existing different types of Wholesale Solar Lights are not always interchangeable, but are used for certain purposes. Some are brighter, some have higher energy output, and some can only be used for specific types of LED products. Examples of different uses of Wholesale Solar Lights include:

  • Wholesale Solar Garden Lights
  • Wholesale Solar Street Lights
  • Wholesale Solar Spot Lights
  • Wholesale Solar Camping Lights

Next, make sure you pay a fair price for your lamp. The production cost of LED lamps in China is much lower than that in the United States. However, due to import tariffs and surcharges, this is not always a cheap enterprise


Talk to different suppliers and walk around until you find a seller who is willing to cooperate with you. In some cases, you can order in bulk and get reduced prices on larger orders. You can also attend trade exhibitions and order samples to have a deeper understanding of the products you import and the suppliers you purchase.


In addition, you need to thoroughly study your Wholesale Solar Lights and their suppliers to ensure that they meet all the standards set by the federal agency that oversees the import of LEDs into the United States

Are any goods you import from China made in or from Xinjiang? Any goods or materials produced in the region are prohibited from entering the United States. Read our article about the import ban in Xinjiang to learn more about avoiding fines and detention of your goods.

What is the import tax on LED lamps imported from China?

Generally, the import tariff of LED lamps in China is between 2% and 8%, while some can be imported duty-free. This amount is before factoring in Section 301 tariff.

LED lights mainly belong to HS codes 8539, 8541 and 9405. Using these codes as a starting point, you can use the search tool to search for the exact LED product you are looking for and determine the import tax you will owe.

The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recently revised the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) to distinguish between lights and lamps based on whether the lights are LEDs. This change is made to combat LED product classification errors caused by the imposition of 301 tariffs on various products from China.

Goods imported from China belong to the general tax rate. This means that there is no active trade agreement between the United States and China。

In addition to the general tax rate, the United States also imposes additional tariffs on various goods from China. These tariffs, known as article 301 tariffs, affect goods worth about $550billion, including LED lights.

Tariffs are divided into four lists, and the additional tax rate imposed on products depends on which list the goods belong to. Listing 3 imposes an additional 25% tariff, while listing 4 imposes an additional 7.5% tariff

The HTS classification of many Wholesale Solar Lights, including LEDs, can be found under each of the two lists. Due to changes in rules, it is more important than ever to ensure that the correct tariff classification is used. Penalties for using the wrong HTS code may range from fines to legal disputes. With the help of a licensed customs broker, you can help ensure that your information is accurate and your products meet the requirements.

Who supervises led import?

The customs and Border Protection (CBP) monitors and approves the import of all goods imported into the United States. However, they are not the only federal agency responsible for oversight. When importing LED lights, you need to comply with the regulations of several other government agencies.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

In addition to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also regulates the entry of LED lights into the United States. Although you may not think that led and other products are controlled by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) supervises some products that are not related to food, such as:

· medical devices

· drugs

· tobacco leaf

· cosmetics

FDA can place FD marks on some HTS codes to identify products that require further action when submitting an entry application

FDA has fd2 logo on LED light. This means that when importing Wholesale Solar Lights, you must provide the name of the original manufacturer and its actual address. This makes it more important to conduct research and cooperate with trusted suppliers when purchasing LEDs from China.

It is worth noting that this sign is not applicable to finished products with Wholesale Solar Lights, such as toys, shoes or electrical appliances.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Since LED lamps emit RF (radio frequency), some imported LEDs may need to comply with FCC regulations.

There are two types of certification that can be directly applied toWholesale Solar Lights: FCC Part 15 and FCC Part 18.

FCC Part 15 can be divided into two parts. Part 15 A is approved for use in industrial environments and may not be used in households or the public. Part 15 B is approved for consumer and household use.

On the other hand, Part 18 is for industrial, scientific or medical (ISM) environments only.

When importing LED lamps from China, it is important to determine the intended use of the product, whether it is for consumers or not. From there, you can check to ensure that the lamp to be imported meets the correct FCC certification

Other provisions

Although FDA and FCC are the two largest LED light regulators, in order to allow some LED lights to enter the United States, some other rules and regulations need to be observed.

This includes the provisions of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The consumer goods safety Act stipulates certain seasonal and decorative lamps. Other regulations include the energy policy and Protection Act (EPCA). This puts forward mandatory requirements for energy efficiency and energy production of lamps.

In addition, your product may need to meet the standards set by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). You must also ensure that the LEDs have the correct labels and comply with all state and local regulations.


Incandescent bulbs are prohibited

In addition to the growing popularity of Wholesale Solar Lights, the demand for imported LEDs has also increased due to the Biden administration’s decision to restore the energy efficiency target previously cancelled by former president Donald Trump.

Energy efficiency standards were originally derived from the energy independence and security act of 2007. The updated bulb standard should have taken effect in 2020 and then rolled back. These standards have now been restored, basically selling old incandescent bulbs by date, making way for newer energy-saving LEDs. The new standard is implemented by the U.S. Department of energy.

Do you need a license to import Wholesale Solar Lights?

No specific license or permit is required to import LED lights into the United States. As long as you abide by the above rules and regulations of lighting import, you will not have any import problems.

How about the customs guarantee?

Commercial imports of more than $2500 or imports supervised by other agencies (except CBP) are required to pay a customs guarantee. Since the LED lights meet the standards of FDA, FCC and other agencies, you need to obtain customs guarantee no matter the total value.

When obtaining a customs guarantee, you can purchase a single entry guarantee or a continuous customs guarantee. Single import bonds apply to an import transaction in the United States. Continuous bonds cover all imports within 12 months. We can help you get a continuous guarantee and even get approval on the same day.

How can the customs broker help you import Wholesale Solar Lights?

Customs brokers can help import by ensuring that your goods are legal and meet all customs standards

As mentioned above, the import of Wholesale Solar Lights involves many aspects. It may be complicated to ensure that you use the correct HTS code, comply with all regulations, and understand whether your led imports need to pay additional tariffs

A licensed customs broker can do hard work for you to ensure compliance, file documents, and ensure the smooth and timely arrival of your goods

Imported LED lights, customs clearance in the United States

During customs clearance in the United States, we can help you import Wholesale Solar Lights from China, regardless of your import needs

If you are a new importer, we can help you become a registered importer, get a customs guarantee, or just give you import advice. We even provide bundled services for new importers to help you start buying everything you need at a lower price.

If you are not sure whether your imported products comply with all the required regulations, or you are difficult to identify the HTS code of the product, we can also help. Arrange a one-on-one consultation with one of our licensed experts and get answers to any questions you may encounter.


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