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We also have many other solar pole lights, and we also specialize in OEM and ODM, if you have any questions, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Our wholesale solar street light adopts an optical lens and radar sensing system, which is easy to install


Wholesale Solar Pole Light Maker From China

【0 Power Charge】Our wholesale solar pole light doesn’t require wiring and has zero energy utilization. You should simply introduce the sun-oriented lights in direct daylight, and consistently, the wholesale solar pole light will naturally enlighten your yard, carport, street, and so on, and consequently switch off at daybreak.

Wholesale soalr pole light
Wholesale soalr pole light

【Waterproof】Our wholesale solar pole light can work securely and regularly in blustery and stormy climates, unafraid of overcast stormy days or rainstorms, wholesale solar pole light with a high-strength IP65 waterproof capability, it can likewise enlighten you securely around evening time in weighty blustery days.

Wholesale soalr pole light
Wholesale soalr pole light

【Diverse light source design】This wholesale solar pole light is made of Driven light globules, 360° all-round brightening, can be somewhat controlled, and human body detecting, the detecting distance is 8-10 meters, it illuminates when individuals come, and it is marginally faint when individuals leave. Brilliant. Simultaneously, the charging is naturally switched off during the day, and the light is consequently turned on when it is dull.

【Solar energy】 This product uses polycrystalline silicon solar panels, which have higher light absorption efficiency, fast charging, higher conversion, and higher storage capacity.

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