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How much does a wholesale solar street light cost?

19 12 月, 2022

What is a wholesale street lamp?-Dowell

This kind of wholesale solar street light is generally composed of solar panels and several sets of bulbs or led lights. Most of them are 5 or 6 meters in height.

wholesale solar street light


The traditional wholesale solar street lights in cities are mostly composed of several sets of bulbs and are generally divided into two headlights to illuminate the sidewalk and motor vehicle lanes respectively. The road conditions in rural areas are relatively simple, so the general street lights often only illuminate the motor vehicle lanes.

wholesale solar street lights are generally purchased in large quantities. Then, what is the wholesale price of wholesale solar street lights? Let everyone know!

Wholesale solar street light price

What is the wholesale price of wholesale solar street lights?

In fact, due to the different specifications, the price of wholesale solar street lights has a wide range. For example, in a wholesale setting, they may only cost 50 US dollars per piece (with regular specifications), or can easily reach 150 US dollars per piece (with higher specifications).

Compared to solar-powered ones, the price of traditional street lamps is about 100 dollars.

Example: Prices of 60w wholesale solar street light

Many people asked me how much the price of 60w wholesale solar street light with 6000 Lumens recently, 60w wholesale solar street lights are the best-hot selling street lights in the market these years. Because 60w wholesale street lamp not only can be used in wholesale solar street light projects but also can be used in civil projects.

Next, we will introduce the price of 60w wholesale solar street lights and their specifications.

Typical specifications of 60w wholesale solar street lights


  • Light source power: 60W
  • Height of street light from the ground: 6 to 8 meters
  • Light color: white
  • CCT: 5000K (3500-6000K can be customzied)
  • Light Efficiency: 160lm/w
  • Daily working hours: about 10 hours when fully charged
  • Induction method: light control + remote control
  • Working hours per day: 10 hours
  • Work time: Continuously 3-5 rainy days, 12 hours per night
  • Recommand installation distance: 20-25m
  • Light pole diameter: 40-140mm
  • French flange: 950*550*63mm
  • Battery capacity: 24AH LiFePo4 battery
  • Photovoltaic panel power: monocrystalline silicon 80W High-efficiency Monocrystalline silicon
  • Photovoltaic panel material: tempered glass 3.2mm, light transmittance 91%
  • Lamp head style: flat type
  • Lamp holder material: aluminum alloy pressing
  • Waterproof grade: IP65
  • Working environment: -40°-85°

Retail vs. wholesale prices of 60w wholesale solar street light

Not including shipping, tariffs or other costs, you may pay about US$250/piece for a very high-quality 60w wholesale solar street light.  30$ for the maintenance and electricity costs per unit,

Cost comparison with traditional street lights

In many places in the world, traditional street lights are getting replaced with solar-powered street lights. Main reason? The long-term cost advantage.

  • Upfront purchase cost: in most cases, solar LED street lights are much more expensive. This is the main reason that most buyers think twice before making a decision.
  • Installation cost: this might be surprising to you, but installing traditional street lights require wiring and underground trenching to connect to grid lines creating enormous additional costs,
  • Maintenance cost:Solar-powered LED street light poles need battery replacement every 5-7 years. Traditional street lights simply can’t compete with that.

To summarize, wholesale solar street light has a much lower lifetime cost. Over 10-year period, traditional street lights installation, maintenance, and electricity cost per unit ranges from U$8,000-12,000 while solar street powered LED light cost is estimated at 4,000-6,000 USD over the same period of time.

How to buy the best-quality integrated wholesale solar street lights?

This is the doubt of many purchasers. What are the tips for purchasing integrated wholesale solar street lights? Next, Belinda will introduce you to the precautions for purchasing high-quality wholesale solar street lights.

  1. Battery life: The service life of high-quality solar street lithium iron phosphate batteries can be as long as eight years, and the service life of low-quality batteries is only a few months, half a year, you need to replace the new battery.
  2. Lamp bead brightness: wholesale solar street lights do not mean that the greater the power of the light source, the more manufacturers falsely report the power, or buy low-lumen lamp beads to reduce costs. In fact, to achieve the same brightness, the lower the light source power, the better.

Power saving, the luminous efficiency of LED light sources of other companies on the market is now 80-100Lm/W, and the light decay is high, the light decay reaches 15%-30% in one year, and the angel eye LED light source uses high-quality LED chips, And the low light attenuation structure and process of the patented technology, the luminous efficiency reaches 130Lm/W, the actual light attenuation is only about 2-3%, and the patented lamp mold can better use the light source.

3. Resistant to the low-temperature environment:

Clodesun company equipped with an exclusive patented ultra-low temperature protection device, which can work at -40 ℃, even in high and cold areas.


In order to ensure the working state and efficiency of led wholesale solar street lights, it is necessary to consider whether the storage battery can meet the use conditions of wholesale solar street lights, and check the use of the storage battery in time. The price of led wholesale solar street lights is determined by the materials used and the fineness of the workmanship of the led wholesale solar street lights. It needs to be selected before installation.

Now that the world Internet is very developed, people’s ability to obtain information is becoming easier, so now everyone can understand some things relatively easily with integrated wholesale solar street light suppliers. It can be said that in the current wholesale solar street light market, everyone now values the quality of integrated wholesale solar street lights a lot, but is not so concerned about the price. So the era of seizing the market by fighting the price war has passed. If the quality of the integrated wholesale solar street light suppliers is not doing well, then it is likely that consumers will be lost.

When we buy integrated wholesale solar street light products, we must remember to compare over 3 manufacturers, only by comparing you will know which product is good quality, the price is affordable, and the after-sales service is relatively late to improve. For non-professionals, it is impossible to judge the quality of products by appearance, especially for users who lack professional knowledge, so Belinda recommends the buyers buy some samples to test first, samples can prove everything.

If you care about quality, please respect its price; if what you want is cheap, please don’t assume that there will be good quality! No matter how beautiful the language is, it is a lie! remember forever.

Have more questions?

Belinda has 10 years of experience in sales and marketing of solar and LED lighting, making our design perfectly adapted to the market’s needs. She is passionate about solar streetlights and loves sharing her knowledge with the world


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