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22 8 月, 2022

Numerous laborers likewise report that WHOLESALE SOLAR STREET LIGHTS are being harmed or eliminated and taken, it is a test to supplant and fix. Not exclusively is the expense of the actual battery high yet additionally whenever taken, substitutions are exorbitant and can make security worries on private and public streets that hold the streetlamps, this will cost a huge amount of cash and working hours to supplant.-DOWELL



To decrease the robbery of sun-oriented WHOLESALE SOLAR STREET LIGHTS, the security of the hardware can be reinforced from the accompanying aspects:


The expense of sun-based WHOLESALE SOLAR STREET LIGHTS is higher than regular WHOLESALE SOLAR STREET LIGHTS, and the counter burglary and strength measures are not developed as examination forges ahead with the innovation.

Clients ought to keep on observing the security of the sun-based WHOLESALE SOLAR STREET LIGHTS where they are effectively taken. They can set up a checking framework or introduce a caution framework to be educated regarding cheats taking gear sooner rather than later. Simultaneously, clients ought to likewise improve their feeling of obligation and increment some attention to robbery.

The choice of a norm or potentially qualified control box, and other sunlight-based streetlamp materials are vital in the establishment cycle to guarantee that the firmware meets the necessities, as well as to guarantee the strength of the sun-powered streetlamp. This, partially, can likewise assume the part of hostile to robbery prevention. If we make a quality battery and cover our batteries underground, we can proceed with progress in the job of hostile to robbery counteraction. Cover the battery in soil/grass to upgrade its disguise to walkers.
against criminal sun-based light

DOWELL incorporated sun-powered streetlight (otherwise called sun-based coordinated streetlight/sun-oriented garden light) The incorporated plan of our sunlight-based streetlight, with against burglary sun powered streetlamp screw configuration, can decrease the gamble of taken batteries and parts of sunlight-based WHOLESALE SOLAR STREET LIGHTS. A few clients even furnish the light shaft with hostility to robbery wire.


The split-type sun-oriented streetlamp battery is effortlessly taken because it is tracked down out and about. It is normal for sunlight-based batteries to get taken, so everybody ought to be more mindful to forestall burglary. There are hostile to robbery bundles accessible to help misfortune counteraction, one of the most mind-blowing ways is to construct a land confine and insert the sunlight-based WHOLESALE SOLAR STREET LIGHTS.

You can utilize an upper stringing pipe got 300 mm in the ground, projecting a surface completing level, on account of lights and lamps. Hostile to criminal Solar WHOLESALE SOLAR STREET LIGHTS have more costly colloids and a support-free battery is put away in the battery box, then put around one meter into the ground or concrete pool, so after support, the battery will be protected from ecological perils and risks because of burglary.

Dowell sun-oriented light

So how might we enhance our enemy of robbery estimates in sun-oriented streetlight gear? We can essentially start from the accompanying three choices.

The decision on the actual battery
Aggregators by and large have three spots to introduce: Underground, light shafts, and sunlight-powered chargers on the back. The cellar is the most advantageous to take from, so we recommend the best establishment from the light shaft or sunlight-powered chargers on the back.

We ordinarily utilize two sorts of batteries: Lead-Acid batteries otherwise called colloidal batteries, and lithium-particle phosphate batteries. The Lead-Acid batteries are bigger than the lithium-particle phosphate batteries, both in volume and in weight. It builds the heap of sun-based streetlamps, so it is more proficient to pick a lithium-particle phosphate battery that is lightweight, more modest in size, and holds high effectiveness.

li-particle battery

It is ideal to pick an incorporated sunlight-based streetlight because coordinated sun-powered chargers, batteries, LED light sources, and regulators together are profoundly effective, less difficult to introduce, and more secure to keep up with.

Battery establishment

To introduce the battery on the ground, it ought not to be hostile to burglary arrangements. The most ideal way is to utilize the enclosure exemplification because the battery is set in an exceptional dampness-resistant box and afterward put into the ground around 1.2m into the concrete pool. The net level of the concrete pool ought to be around 0.5 meters.

sun based streetlamp battery

After the support treatment, cover with a 5cm thick pre-assembled concrete board cover, and afterward, weld the concrete plate steel and light post base steel together, as well as the landfill and pack can. Furthermore, sun-oriented streetlamps ought to likewise be introduced in a more secure spot, if too remote, the gamble of being taken is more noteworthy.

  1. WHOLESALE SOLAR STREET LIGHTS battery preventive measures

To additionally affirm the well-being of the battery, you can likewise introduce extra security or an alert framework. This will permit you to focus on the utilization of sun-based streetlamps continuously, assuming somebody attempts to take the hardware, the caution framework consequently alerts. With safeguard security discouragement, it very well may be more helpful to oversee sun-oriented streetlamps and forestall burglary.


  1. WHOLESALE SOLAR STREET LIGHTS Battery installation

If the user wants to install the battery on the ground, it should not be without anti-theft solutions. The best way is to use cage encapsulation because the battery is placed in a special moisture-proof box, and then put into the ground about 1.2m into the cement pool. The net height of the cement pool should be about 0.5 meters.


After the reinforcement treatment, cover with a 5cm thick prefabricated cement board cover, and then weld the cement plate steel and light pole base steel together, as well as the landfill and tamp can. In addition, solar street lights should also be installed in a safer place, if too remote, the risk of being stolen is greater.

3. WHOLESALE SOLAR STREET LIGHTS battery preventive measures

If you want to further confirm the safety of the battery, you can also install additional security or an alarm system. This will allow you to pay attention to the use of solar street lights in real-time, if someone tries to steal the equipment, the alarm system automatically alarms. With preventative security deterrence, it can be more convenient to manage solar streetlights and prevent theft.



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