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Wax Melting Lamp
1 Month
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What might be the best table lamp should be put one your desktop?This Wax Melting Lamp should be the best choice for a beautfiful and peaceful bedroom.Dowell has provide this kind of lamp for more than 20 years,there are various patterns for your selection.


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[including light bulb and candle, 3000K, 50W, lantern cover] Wax Melting Lamp is designed with lantern cover, which is unique and lovely. Includes 50 Watt halogen bulbs and scented candles. The color temperature of the bulb is 3000K, which is suitable for night lights.

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[material and size] metal lampshade and high-quality metal base ensure Wax Melting Lamp high quality, durability and dignity. The diameter of the lamp holder is 5.9 inches and the height of the lamp is 13.77 inches; The height between the lamp holder and the lamp base is 5.1 inches. Suitable for candles of different sizes, such as Yankee candles, bath and body work candles, 3-core candles, etc.

Wax Melting Lamp
[make your home perfect in a few minutes] candle heater melts candles from top to bottom, releasing stronger and cleaner fragrance, lasting twice as long as the burning time. With the included dimmer, you can adjust the brightness and intensity of the odor. By heating rather than burning, the value of a candle will double.In the United States, many house fires are caused by candles every year. Say goodbye to the flames, smoke and smoke in the room. With a timer, you can set a time of 2-8 hours to safely enjoy your favorite candles with our Wax Melting Lamp.

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[visual appeal design] if you are looking for a more unique and modern design, you can definitely choose this Wax Melting Lamp. It is equipped with a 50 Watt halogen bulb. With the help of halogen bulbs, you can easily melt the wax. Candle heaters are equipped with flower shades to meet your special design needs.

Wax Melting Lamp Manufacturer
[multi function three in one] Wax Melting Lamp is not only a candle heater, but also a dimmable bedside lamp and fashionable home decoration. It is suitable for bedroom, living room and study; This fragrance heater is also a romantic gift for all seasons.

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