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Our wholesale white LED strip lights are suitable for any place, and can be cut and used at will, which is convenient and beautiful. We have exported a large number of LED strips, which have been well received. If you are interested in our strips, please feel free to contact us for any information about strips


Wholesale White Led Strip Lights Maker From China

Ultra Bright and Dimmable: The wholesale  white LED strip lights includes splendid sunshine white LED lights. Dimmable, you can change the brilliance through the dimmer. The LED light bar white discharges extremely low intensity and is protected to contact even by little kids and charming pets. Underlying short out insurance, twofold assurance.

Solid AND LONG-LASTING: The adaptable wholesale white LED strip lights have thick, eco-accommodating copper plate (PCB) with great electrical conductivity, showing unadulterated and uniform light. Driven strips can endure as long as 100,000 hours, saving you time supplanting modest LED strips.

Simple TO INSTALL: Just strip off the cement and stick the wholesale white LED strip safely to a spotless, dry surface, and you’re all set.

Adaptable and CUTTING: The slicing configuration empowers you to manage this wholesale white LED strip by cutting imprints, which can be DIY improved anyplace. You can curve and shape the adaptable white LED strip however you would prefer.

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Yes, we can produce products with your products, we specialize in OEM and ODM.
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Leave your contact information, we can recommend the products you need according to the latest market trends.

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